In John Fareed’s “From Invisible to Icon: How to Become an Expert in Your Industry” [published by AuthorHouse] the veteran hospitality marketer delivers a transformative how-to guide.

Fareed firmly believes that anyone can reach the top of their chosen field and position themselves as an industry expert. All that’s needed, he explains, is thoughtful and skillful branding.

In “From Invisible to Icon,” Fareed shares techniques that can be used by professionals in any field. Fareed shows readers how to position themselves as experts in whatever they do and details how this mindset can radically optimize their business and individual brand.

“From Invisible to Icon” by John Fareed with Sean Hunter is available in hardcover [ISBN 9781481731225], softcover [ISBN 9781481731249] and as an e-book [ISBN 9781481731232] and is available via,, or your favorite bookseller.

About the Author
John Fareed is a living inspiration for many of his fans; what with his truly unbelievable journey starting from a humble beginning in the mountains of North Georgia to becoming an internationally recognized authority in hospitality marketing. In his 30 plus years of professional life, Fareed has served in the U.S. Marine Corps and performed as a professional magician on cruise ships, in Las Vegas casinos and night clubs such as the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. As a hospitality marketing expert, he has provided expertise to many of the most prestigious hotel and resort companies from around the world, delivered lectures at major industry conferences, and teaches at some of the most renowned hotel schools.